Committee Minutes Nov 2016

Reading Astronomical Society

Minutes of the Reading Astronomical Society Committee Meeting held at St Peter’s Church Hall, 6pm Saturday 19th November 2016.

1          Present

John Talbot, John Paraskeva, Peter Tickner, Eddie Thorpe, Chris Menmuir, Tracey Talbot, Anne Chadwick, Malcolm Brown, Alun Halsey.

2          Apologies

Gerry Bond (hosting this evening’s speaker), Kenelm England

3          Minutes of Previous Meeting 21st May and Matters Arising

The minutes of the last Committee meeting were reviewed.  Actions carried forward are:

Anne suggested dates for a Society trip to the University of London Mill Hill Observatory. Maybe Friday 17th February 2017, suggest we use own transport or public transport.  ACTION Anne

John T to purchase 2 laptops and a replacement projector.  ACTION John T

Gate access from St Peter’s Church Hall into Sol Joel Park for use by the Basics Section. CM reported that this is with the Church Committee and is of low priority for us.  ACTION Gerry

Anne suggested that RAS should purchase a couple of meteorite samples (nickel/iron and chrondite) for use at outreach events. John T said BGS shop doesn’t sell them.  ACTION Anne

Peter T reported that he could not find any suitable Solar System models for outreach events.  Some planet models are very small!  Two sets are required.  ACTION Peter T

4          Chairman’s Report

John gave an update on the proposed purchase of laptops and projector.

5          Treasurer’s Report

Tracey reported on finances. The membership database tallies very closely with the account summary, but there is a time lag in getting statements. Tracey is now on the Bank Mandate, so may be able to set up online banking.  ACTION: Tracey.

We need to encourage all members to sign-in, and guests to pay and sign-in.  ACTION: Chris to produce up-to-date signing in sheets each month, and create a prominent reminder.

Total reserves = £7256, Current account = £1611 with recent subs to be added.

6          Astrobasics Friday Club Report

Continues to be well supported. It is possible that another Imaging Workshop could be planned for next year.  ACTION Gerry et al

7          Librarian’s Report

Kenelm was attending the AGM of The Astronomer magazine, but had reported by email that he had purchased some new basic astronomy books and DVDs, and will look for more. £20 from the Library float has been transferred to the Treasurer. The catalogue is being updated. The trade of old astronomy magazines continues, but we should dispose of old magazines at the end of each session to avoid storage problems. When the books/DVDs have been sorted, hopefully we can store some publications in the recently-tidied cupboard.

8          Publicity Report

JT and GB jointly operate the website. See below for discussion on Facebook site.

9          Christmas meeting

At the main Society meeting, John will remind members about the Christmas meeting format, about the provision of food and drink, and ask for raffle donations.
Chris has printed the food slips.
We shall again provide a few bottles of wine.  ACTION: Gerry

10        Purpose of Facebook group

Gerry sent an email outlining concerns about who we allow to access the RAS Facebook page. The general consensus was that we wanted an open forum to advertise the activities of the Society to the general public, but users needed to be aware that information they post would be visible to non-members. For example, avoid advertising that you have expensive equipment in an observatory, or name the location of dark sky meeting sites. John T to discuss with Gerry post meeting.

11        Outreach activities

Events we have advertised are the Winchester Science Centre (was INTECH) on 26th November, and requests from ORSA. Members continue to give talks to local Beaver/Brownie/Cub/Scout groups.

12        AOB


13        Next Committee Meeting

Saturday 18th February 2017 at 6pm. The hall has been booked.


Chris Menmuir

21st November 2016