Rules for Using the Church Hall During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Based on St Peters risk assessment. Updated 20210830.


The following rules are for the Reading Astronomical Society’s meetings and only apply to the downstairs areas. Excluding the kitchen and whole first floor which will not be used. References to ‘one person’ imply more than one if members of the same household.

Before leaving home to attend a meeting

Government regulations say that if you show signs of having coronavirus you must stay at home and do not have visitors until you get a test result – only leave your home to have a test.

If an attendee begins to feel unwell during a meeting they must leave immediately. ReadingAS reserves the right to refuse entry if it is suspected that an attendee is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or are subject to quarantine or self-isolation.

Control at the door.

Reading AS will be responsible for keeping a list of all attendees at the meeting to enable the track and trace procedure to be followed. This will necessitate taking names and contact numbers at the door and leaving the list for hall management, or Reading AS, to handle track and trace enquiries.

Reading AS must inform the hall manager if we know of any attendees in our group who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive to the virus after using the hall.

Separate entry and exit into the building.

See the foot-traffic diagram below.

The building will be entered through the main door. After sanitising hands (gel supplied) people will enter the main hall through the double doors.  Leave the main hall through the single door to give a one-way flow of people.  Exit the building through the fire doors to preserve a one-way movement of people.

Follow social distancing guidelines.

All hall users to sanitize their hands on entering the building and use hand sanitiser after touching commonly used surfaces

Reading AS will bring hand sanitizer, a supply of tissues, and disinfectant wipes. Please use the sanitizer.  Reading AS will remind everyone to sanitize their hands on entering the building and to regularly apply hand sanitizer or wash hands after touching commonly used surfaces.

Ensure good ventilation during events

We will open the windows in the main hall on commencing meetings.

Minimize touching of commonly used areas.

Door handles will not need to be touched if all internal doors are propped open on commencing meetings.

Only one person per toilet room at a time

We will remind attendees that only one person is to use the toilets at one time, so social distancing can be maintained.  Those waiting are to queue in a socially distanced manner in the foyer or use the disabled toilet if it is free.  

Paper towels now available as an alternative to hand dryers if preferred.

Kitchen  (provisional)

Closed for our sessions. Bringing your own beverages is permitted, no sharing.


We will clean all used chairs, tables, handles and light switches before vacating the hall.

Background information on additional efforts by the hall.

Regular sanitizing cleaning schedule carried out.

The hall will be thoroughly cleaned daily including a sanitizing by the hall cleaner of regularly touched areas.   If multiple groups are using the hall in a day, the hirers will be asked to clean the regularly touched areas (door handles, light switches) after they have finished.  Hirers will also be asked to clean any tables and chairs they have used, when they have finished.

The hall hirer will be responsible for keeping a list of all attendees on their course at their meeting, to enable the track and trace procedure to be followed.