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Lyrid Meteor Shower 22nd/23rd

Surprising to find a fairly considered article in the International Business Times. If we excuse the excessive description in the first line this is a reasonable summary of this meteor shower and this year the lack of moonlight is favourable.

So if you are in the happy situation of not needing a good night’s sleep, we will be at our local dark-site on Wed evening into Thursday morning for Lyrid observing. We generally start meteor observing about 10pm and the best rate of meteors will not appear until after midnight. The location is on private property near Arborfield so if you want to join us text or email, including names of non-members for the details. Clear sky is not guaranteed so contact details are needed in case of cancellation.

Text Gerry on: 07510 444 630


There are very particular techniques for meteor observing but mainly you will be out in the cold for a long period so it is time for hat, scarf, gloves and full body-armour against the cold. You also need to be able to look up in comfort so a chair/lounger is essential! If you decide to observe from your own garden let us know how you got on.

Friday Club 24th

Continuing the meteor theme, the Lyrid Meteors peak a couple of days before this session and a few people might have been able to observe them. But the Lyrids and other meteor showers have a fascinating story. This shower produces major events every 60 years. In other years there are occasional irregular outbursts. None is expected this year but you never know, on the night 22/23rd they may have surprised us.

The Lyrid shower and the history of its parent comet will be the subject of the talk and after the break we have members contributions as well as the usual attempts to help with your practical problems with telescopes and equipment. Membership or prior booking is not required for our Friday meetings so please come and meet us.


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