Introductory Meeting 13th Sept. 2013

This meeting is the first of this year’s Friday meetings and if you attend we hope you will enjoy the talk on general amateur astronomy. The talk can be described as looking at the world through the eyes of an astronomerand we hope to inspire the listener to pursue a deeper interest.

Amateur astronomy is going through a period of growth and increasing interest. Not counting the glamour effect of characters such as Brian Cox presenting science on TV there is also the concern for the environment in general and the realisation that nature can still do great harm to the planet.

Barnard 33

To show the capability of modern equipment available for amateurs, this image of the extremely faint Horsehead Nebula was obtained by a member in South Reading!

The Reading Astronomical Society exists to encourage the love of science in general and space science and exploration in particular. Participation in our society does not need any form of qualification and does not need any practical experience in observing. Meetings consist of a guest speaker, usually a practising scientist or astronomer, followed by the latest news and activities of our society. Many of our longer term members are experienced observers and image makers. Some members give up their spare time for outreach activities at youth groups and science fairs from time to time.

We emphasise that armchair astronomers who just want to be entertained in an intelligent way will find our meetings enjoyable. Why not come and try-before-you-buy. membership is £25 for  year’s meetings (£15 for retired/unwaged and free for students).

We also run a open membership Friday Club where experienced members talk about aspects of astronomy using basic non-specialist language suitable for all ages.

Palmer Park East Reading Festival

Talking to visitors at East Reading Festival




Main meetings are usually on the third Saturday each month from September to June. This will be a good opportunity to sign up for next season.

Location MapFull Programme




The main and Friday sections meet at…

St. Peter’s Church Hall
Church Road

There is parking available at the hall and in the next door school playground.
Reading Buses route 19 stops adjacent to the hall.

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