Local Astronomy Courses

This announcement is from Bracknell and Wokingham College.
Waingels Adult Centre
0118 969 5301

Our old friend George Sallitt is back and has offered to teach 2 courses this year with up to date images and findings.

There are two courses. Click on the titles for full details.

Astronomy 1 Is there life in our solar system

Starts 5 Nov 2015 for six weeks

The course provides an introduction to the main objects in the solar system and explains how they were formed. The course uses
some of the latest images and data available from planetary spacecraft and uses the images to show what the conditions are like on
the planets. The three main chances for life (apart from the Earth) in the Solar System are discussed


Astronomy 2 To the stars and back

Starts 21 Jan 2016 for six weeks

Explore the stars, our galaxy and the universe.
We will look at how stars are formed, their lives and how they eventually die. We will look at all the main objects in our and other
galaxies and how these objects evolved from the Big Bang and how the Universe will end. We will examine what typical amateurs can
see from their gardens by discussing different telescopes and what can be done with the naked eye. Identify at least 10 constellations.
We will discuss all the different types of astronomical objects than can be seen with binoculars including double stars, star clusters,
globular cluster, nebula and galaxies

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