The Dinton Pastures Era

The Dinton Pastures Era appears to be over: Welcome to St Peter’s Church Hall for the BASICS section future development.

The final evening’s BASICS session at Dinton Pastures was well attended. No more are planned at that location and we wait to see if the local authority want to invite us for official events in the future.

Brian’s Bounce – otherwise known as the Brian Cox Effect – is still in full swing as we had 33 attenders tonight and a small forest of hands declared attending for the first time. It will be interesting to see how meeting at St Peter’s hall changes things. It should be better on cold winter’s nights and much more accessible. So it is a good moment to thank our helpers and the members who attend to chat with the guests after the talk. This  is very important and often solves technical problems or just breaks the ice socially and encourages joining the society.

We must also thank Dinton Pastures’ staff for the past 20 years of events of one sort or another. The park is still available to the public and amateur astronomy in its simplest form is just somewhere to stand and something to look at. In fact it must be the only activity which could be engaged in by half the entire population of the world simultaneously without causing traffic jams or a run on the banks 🙂


Clear skies!

Gerry, Peter, Malcolm, Alun et al.




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