Woodcote rally site

The area flagged out in the pic will be our stand.

It certainly has clear lines to the horizon in all directions (even the tree line to the north is not obtrusive).  Bring sunscreen and water – it will be hot and the only shade will be the RAS gazebos.  Gerry has asked for volunteers to slot themselves into a schedule via him.  I currently have 6 exhibitors wristbands available (free entry and good for both days), I can probably get more if needed.

For those bringing equipment, the exhibitors entrance to the site in directly off the A4074.  I have 4 exhibitors vehicle passes available.  Call me on 07518151121 with your ETA and I will arrange that you are met at the exhibitors gate with your pass and exhibitors wristband.  Offloading times are 10 am to 6 pm on Friday and 8 am to 10 am on Saturday. I expect the same time applies Sunday.   After offloading, you will need to move your vehicle to the Exhibitor parking area (the organiser do have an interesting array of steam rollers available to enforce parking violations if they so choose!).  I plan to be on site from Friday afternoon. (3 or 4 ish).
If you are not bringing kit but are volunteering, then use the public car park (free). The public entrance is off the first road signposted into Woodcote village off the A4074 travelling from Reading to Wallingford (2nd in other direction).  Once again call me on 07518151121 so you can be met at the public gate with your wristband.
As the whole event is a charity fundraiser, unless you are planning to spend a significant stretch of time helping on our stand, please consider being a paying visitor to the show – I think it is only £10 for adults.  You may even get a chance to ride on or even drive a steam engine if you are lucky.
Rob Peeling
Text below is a copy of members’ message
On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 9:55 PM Gerry Bond <gerry.bond@readingastro.org.uk> wrote:

55th Woodcote Rally

The Reading Astronomical Society has acquired a stand at the above event
next weekend. It is a bit experimental for us so it is necessary to ask
if any enthusiasts on this list can let us know if you can attend to
help demonstrate the hobby. As the event is over two days there is an
opportunity on Saturday evening to actually do some observing with the

You can of course visit the event as a normal day-out but if you wish to
lend a hand with the astronomy reply to this address with times you
might be available. The Rally is open at 10:00 am both days and closes

at 11:00 pm on Saturday, and 6:00 pm on Sunday.

Gerry Bond

Reading Astronomical Society
07510 444 630


PS: For those who are not familiar with this type of event you can get a
flavour from the images here….





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