February Meeting – Sat 21st 7pm.

Space Robotics

Hilde Schroeven-Deceuninck (European Space Agency)
Robotic Exploration Development Coordinator.

ESA image by Rosetta of Comet 67P (14 Feb)

ESA’s UK centre ECSAT is based at Harwell and Hilde’s talk will be on robotic exploration of space and the earth’s environment.

Manned exploration of space is exciting, dangerous and will gather headlines. Robotic exploration of space is cheaper but will never have the element of human danger that the media love. However here is a technology which may confound those who say that exploration of space will never have benefits for our problems down here on earth because robotic space and planetary vehicles will develop in parallel with day-to-day robotic transport on earth.

After the coffee break the usual announcements and members activities. Including Karl Bowers’ experiences and imaging with a 16″/f4.5 telescope. A rather unusual combination.

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